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Adaptive learning for primary and secondary schools

  • Support every learner and build confidence with a truly adaptive learning experience
  • Learning with Adapt improves knowledge at every session
  • Improve outcomes and engagement for your whole class and measure the impact – without having to change how you teach

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Adaptive learning technology used by millions worldwide

Testimonials from teachers

Because Adapt gives a question-by-question analysis of how children have done, you can instantly see the gaps in their understanding. That can then be followed up in class with further support, through targeted teaching or interventions.

Primary teacher

Adapt shifts the focus away from speed, and doing as many questions as possible, to taking your time, and getting it right. One of the biggest issues across the school is resilience and grit and getting them to engage and persevere beyond the ‘I don’t get it.

Secondary teacher

We try to develop a growth mindset, and the Collins platform supports that in two ways: firstly, children must keep on going until they get the questions right. Secondly, because they must rate their own confidence for each answer given, it reinforces the message about not being afraid to admit they don’t know something.

Primary teacher