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Discover Adapt primary maths

Using globally tested cognitive science, the technology underpinning Adapt has been improving learning outcomes for over 25 years.

Tracking not only your pupils’ understanding but also their metacognition – what they know about what they know – the Adapt software constantly responds to scaffold knowledge and reinforce understanding, creating a unique pathway to learning success.

What Adapt primary maths can do for you and your pupils

How schools are using Adapt

  • Practice and consolidation in class
  • Targeted intervention
  • Homework
  • Assessment and revision
  • SATs preparation

Support for all ability levels

  • Easy to use alongside curriculum teaching
  • Develops independent study skills
  • Shows clear evidence of impact on pupil attainment
  • Responds to all pupil abilities with a balance of challenge and support

Testimonials from teachers

Our really good mathematicians enjoy the maths challenge, while the less able enjoy the motivational aspect while also gaining confidence.

Primary teacher

Sometimes you give them something and they lose interest because it’s too tough or meaningless. But this, the way it adapts is really key, because the questions adjust to their level of working.

Primary teacher

We try to develop a growth mindset, and the Collins platform supports that in two ways: firstly, children must keep on going until they get the questions right. Secondly, because they must rate their own confidence for each answer given, it reinforces the message about not being afraid to admit they don’t know something.

Primary teacher

Primary Case Studies

Esh Winning Primary is a medium-sized community school located in a former mining town, serving an economically diverse range of families. In common with many schools, children’s learning experience during lockdown varied considerably, leaving some children with gaps in their mathematical knowledge and understanding.

St Peter’s Primary school is a medium-to-large primary academy which offers a values-based education to the diverse range of families in their catchment area. In common with many schools, while some children flourished over lockdown, others have struggled, and the school has placed a high focus on wellbeing, with staff being trained on running nurture sessions and interventions. The IT skills of staff and children have improved over lockdown, and children love the maths games they play online.